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The Rooms
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At the  Welkom Inn Hotel  we have nicely decorated rooms with a large bed (Queen or King size), a cozy corner, a mini-bar and satellite TV with many channels including CNN - BBC - TV5 and channels from Australia, Germany, Italy etc... without forgetting - of course - all Thai channels.

All rooms have a safe inserted in the wardrobe.  We offer
also free ADSL wireless connection to Internet.

And as could be expected, all rooms are air-conditioned with bathrooms en suite,  with separate shower and hot and cold water  

 Our rooms

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Our room rates ?

The room rates that apply are those published on this website on your check-in day, unless of course promotional rates previously confirmed to you by Email.

During low season
(From 1st February 2010 till 14 December 2010)
Standard rooms VIP rooms
800 Bahts 950 Baths
During high season
(From 15 December 2010 till 31 January 2011)
Standard rooms VIP rooms
900 Bahts  1100 Bahts


VISA.GIF (3654 bytes) These credit cards are
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bullred.gif (140 bytes)Our quotations are always given in Thai baht and included all taxes. The service for the maids and security are left at your own appreciation.
bullred.gif (140 bytes)All our rates are for single as well as double occupancy. There is no additional charge if you should decide to share your room with a friend as long as this friend is of legal age. Minor are not allowed in a room unless in the presence of one of his/her parent.
bullred.gif (140 bytes).Our prices include all taxes and service (this doesn't mean that our staff don't like tips J and for more informations on the subject see our article To tip or not to tip).

Remember also

 .Check-in time is 2 PM, of course if your room is free before, you can check-in earlier.
.If you arrive earlier and your room is not yet ready and you would like to rest, we can open another room while you are waiting (cost 150 baht).
.There is a safety deposit box for your valuables in your room.
. .You can receive E-mail messages free of charge. Moreover we offer you a free ADSL wireless Internet connection.
. .The normal time to check out is 12.00 BUT if nobody is waiting for your room, we
allow you to check out later. If that is not possible and if you wish to leave later, we will give you the opportunity to take a shower and change clothes before leaving.
.. For later check-out, and as we have to pay over-time to the maid who will clean the room after your departure, we have to charge you 200 baht for a check out not later than 6 PM, and one more night after 8 PM.

Perhaps you understand  now why more than 50% of our guests come back year after year (quite a few: twice and even three times a year for a few weeks) and some has already done so for nearly 20 years?

Sure, we are not perfect, but I am also sure of at least one thing: every one will do his best to make you feel at home and wanting to come back again and again...

See you soon!


If you want to reserve a room...

Please make your reservations by fax or even better by e-mail but NEVER by phone. Also take note that we always reconfirm a reservation and we answer to all mail. If you don't receive an answer within a reasonable time, it means that we have not received your message.

As we don't ask for any deposit BUT as we have a limited number of rooms, we are obliged to ask you to reconfirm your reservation by fax or much better by email

1) on reception of our acknowledgement of your reservation.
2) around 30 days before the projected date of arrival
3) one week before the projected date of arrival.

Sorry but the failure to reconfirm will be equivalent to a cancellation.

If you should arrive after 5 PM, please try to notify us at least before 5 PM and also if you are arriving later than initially planned. (Please take note that in the afternoon you may need well over 4 hours to reach Pattaya from the Airport)

About the choice of a room

As almost all our rooms are different and more than 50% of our customers are regular visitors who like to have always the same room, the administration of reservations can be a very difficult task and it is sometime impossible to keep a specific room for a specific person. So if the room of your choice should not be free on your arrival, we will give you another room until a room you like better (or the one you prefer) becomes available.

We believe that you will understand that we can't keep a room empty for a few nights, or even weeks, just to have it free when you arrive. Meanwhile you must know that if the room you choose is not free when you make your reservation, we will notify you.

Short time stay

If you plan to stay only 2-3 days, we hope that you will understand that we can't keep a room empty for a few nights, or even weeks, just to have it free when you arrive. Meanwhile we promise that we will not let you down and have you sleep on the beach J

About dates

Please remember that we have only a limited number of rooms, so be precise with your dates when you make a booking . Give the date of arrival at the Welkom (not the date when you are leaving home) and the exact date of leaving the Welkom. Also remember when giving the date of departure, that if you plan to leave before this date, you will be charged for as many nights as you booked, with a maximum of 5 days.


May we remind you that it is wise to leave your address in Thailand to a friend
or a family member?


Welkom Inn Hotel

Beach Road, Soi 3 - 20260 Pattaya - Thailand

Tel: 66-(0)38-422 589 - Fax: 66-(0)38-361 193


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