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The smallest resort in Pattaya

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.View of Pattaya from the radio station on the top of the hill

If you came to visit this site, it is almost certain that you have never been to Pattaya and that you are planning your first visit to the resort. It is mainly for you that we have build this site which is
free of advertising. All comments are personal or from my wife or kids when we went to visit the various attractions and take most of the pictures you will find.

We believe that as ourselves when we came here for the first time, you are anxious to know what you will discover. Also there is so much to do in and around Pattaya, that you will have difficulties to choose the ones that will suit to you the best, without missing some you would have loved to visit if only you knew they existed.

It will not be easy task because in addition to sea sports like fishing, wind surfing, etc..., you will find 21 golf courses within 30 minutes drive!!! four go-kart circuits (one international), shooting range, paintball, large shopping centers and malls, an open zoo, a tigers zoo, a few elephant shows or farms, more than one crocodiles farm, islands with wonderful snorkeling and diving, delicious food... a thrilling night life with few cabarets, discos, bars, gogo bars, etc...

But for this last part of your activities, you will have to look for other sites. There are dozen of them and it is why we didn't see any necessity to cover this section.

And now please follow the guide and prepare your self to enjoy your trip through Pattaya and its neighborhood...


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