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The smallest resort in Pattaya

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(The entrance Soi 3)

Since 1987, the

Welkom Inn
is the smallest of all resorts (hotels) in Pattaya and is located at less than 200 meters from the beach 
and close to "the Big C" Shopping Center !

It offers you nicely decorated rooms
, 2 bars and a restaurant offering delicious Thai food, as well as European food (mostly specialties from France and Belgium) at a reasonable price, but very generous in its serving.

And don't forget that the Welkom Inn is also hosting a cocktail lounge very busy in the afternoons, and known by many as the best meeting place for singles.

Parking is easy and secure on Soi 3 just in front of our hotel.

And now, why not take the time to visit our place and discover why we believe it to be so special and why we believe that Pattaya is the best holiday resort in the world?

Why this multi-pages Web Site?
If you came to visit this site, it could be that you have never been to Pattaya before.
That is why, in order to help you to plan your holidays as wisely and intelligently as possible, we have decided to offer you much more than a simple visit to our small resort.

We have divided the site in 4 main sections: one small about us and 3 filled with easy to find and useful information about Pattaya and the surrounding attractions. This should be helpful to every one even those who don't plan to stay with us.
For instance: did you imagine that there is so much to do in Pattaya besides going to bars or discotheques,  that's our section "what to do in Pattaya

Welkom Inn
in pictures with full details of the rooms, restaurant, garden, as well as instructions for reservation, room rates, etc....

How to reach  Pattaya
from the Airport, Bangkok or any where else in Thailand, plus detailed maps of the city and informations about how to move around and also a guide about how to drive in Thailand. And we will end with directives on
how to leave Pattaya

The most extensive guide to
what to do in Pattaya
on sunny as well as on rainy days. Sports, indoor and outdoor,  places of interest - shopping - museums - excursions - etc...
Note that these pages are free of advertising and for this reason you will
not find names and addresses of other restaurants and hotels.
We hope that you will understand.

Answers to some of your questions
including links with direct connection to exchange rates, medical advice, the web sites of Thai news paper in English and to pages about other aspects of Thailand [including night-life] and also the pages of some personal friends.


Section 1

Discovering the Welkom Inn Where are we in Pattaya ? (map)
The Rooms, Rooms Rate and Reservation Wireless Internet now available !!

Last updated August 2010



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